Some of the projects I’ve been involved with:


Led the development effort on the restyling of their Android app. It’s open source, so you can download and compare the old and new (alpha) versions, and even see my contributions to the project.


Developed the (Grails + Postgres + Amazon SWF) backend of the “financial health index” feature of the #1 financial app in Brazil, classifying users based on their spending habits and giving tips on how they can do better. It’s been featured in some financial newspapers and websites (unfortunately, links are Portuguese-only).

Itaú BBA

Wrote execution and scalping strategies for their algorithmic trading platform (C#-based). Also integrated new market data and order entry products and discussed new strategies with clients.


Improved their ad matching algorithm (Lucene-based) and worked in new features for the application website (ASP.NET MVC-based).

CPqD Alcance

Developed the UI of their Android app and helped integrate it with the company’s in-house text-to-speech engine.

Open source

I’ve made contributions of varying complexity to the following open source projects: